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DEATHVOMIT Touring Australia this week (Sep 9-15)

DEATH VOMIT (INDONESIA) touring Australia this week! (Sep 9-15)

Xenophobic Records & Welkin Entertainment Presents


‘Flames of Hate’
Welkin Entertainment, in conjunction with Xenophobic Records, is very proud to be presenting Indonesia’s Death metal titans, DEATH VOMIT for their first ever Australian tour! Catch them traveling around Australia on the following dates:

Wed, SEP 1@ Capitol, Perth, WA
w/Napalm Death & Dying Fetus

Sat, SEP 4@Civic Hotel (The Den), Inglewood, WA

Thur, SEP 9@ Barwon Club, Geelong, VIC
with Dawn of Retribution & Embodied

Fri, SEP 10@ The Arthouse, Melbourne, VIC
with Humonic, Bigamy & Primordial Space

Sat, SEP 11@ The Lewisham Livehouse, Sydney, NSW
with Daemon Foetal Harvest & Elysian

Wed, SEP 15@ The Step Inn, Brisbane, QLD
with Epileptic Fist Fuck, Hypoxia & The Decimation Protocol

DEATH VOMIT, composing of Sofyan Hadi (vocals/lead guitar), Roy Agus (drums), and Oki Haribowo (bass) have existed as a prevailing force within the Indonesian metal scene for quite some time, and since their formation in 1995 they have well and truly made a hefty mark on the Indonesian death metal scene. From the beginning, DEATH VOMIT have proved to be moguls of all that is macabre and have devoted themselves to many a bloodcurdling, annihilating live performance across Indonesia. With their brutal, unyielding assault on the tour circuit, DEATH VOMIT leave nothing to the imagination. Apart from their ferocious approach to live performance, DEATH VOMIT have also succeeded in releasing two diabolically spine-chilling albums. Their first album, ‘Eternally Deprecated’, was released in November 1999 under their own independent label Demented Mind Records, selling over 1000 copies of the album – a considerable achievement for any small underground Indonesian metal music label at this time. ‘Eternal Deprecated’ was later re-released under the larger record label Extreme Souls Production, which saw an explosion of album sales and sealed DEATH VOMIT’s fate as the most brutally dominating death metal band to ever grace the isles of Indonesia.

On April 15th 2000, the band suffered a massive set back and time of deep sorrow when lead singer Agung passed away. In light of the turmoil and tribulations that now lay ahead, DEATH VOMIT remained true to themselves, and guitarist Sofyan Hadi stepped up to the plate, taking on the role of guitarist and vocalist. For DEATH VOMIT, the tragic, untimely death of Agung was the point of no return, and the band came back fighting with fists of fury, devouring all seeds of doubt with the release of their second album ‘The Prophecy’ (2006). Despite the considerable time lapse between albums and the turbulent times endured, DEATH VOMIT held firm and remained loyal to their style, displaying nothing but (un)virtuous, arrant death metal. Both ‘Eternally Deprecated’ and ‘The Prophecy’ are demonstrative of DEATH VOMIT’s sheer musical ferocity and cutthroat savagery, as well as their unfaulting commitment to the grinding, formidable intensity that is death metal.

At the top of their achievements, and a homage to their overwhelmingly fiendish and pulverizing on-stage effulgence, DEATH VOMIT can lay claim to being the first Indonesian metal band to release a live DVD. In June 2008 DEATH VOMIT executed a slaughtering, hatchet job of a performance that was captured on film and release as the DVD entitled ‘Flames of Hate’, and has been labeled as one of the best live performances in Indonesia to be captured on DVD. The ruthless carnage that is captured on ‘Flames of Hate’ is reflective of the same rancor that is consistently delivered by DEATH VOMIT both on stage and in the studio.

When pondering the Indonesian death metal scene, DEATH VOMIT, as a band that has indubitably forged themselves as one of the most intense death metal bands in their country, cannot be bypassed. DEATH VOMIT are infallible devotees to the merciless and insubordinate barbarity that is death metal. And just when you thought your brain had been pulverized beyond functionality, then along comes the onslaught of DEATH VOMIT’s much anticipated up-coming album, promising to be just as, if not more, savage and tyrannical as ever.






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